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History of the Popular Game Baccarat

Casinos offer quite a few games and any major online 카지노사이트 can put a live casino to shame with the numbers of games it can offer. There are a few games which are equally popular in both live and online casinos. One such game is baccarat. Though it is included in the list of most casinos, both live and online, it has a rich and exciting history. It dates back to almost 500 years ago when it was considered to be a game for the aristocrats only. But time was not ready to have it that way. The game slowly became international as it got introduced in most of the countries. Today it has established itself as a popular game on every major 바카라사이트.

Italy and Baccarat

There are different opinions about the origin of this popular game. While some believe it to have started in Rome, some are willing to give the credit to the French. The Italian version of its origin remains to be the most popular one as it seems to be the accurate one. According to historians, Felix Falguierein or Falguiere invented the game in 1400s. He used to call this game as baccara which means zero in Italian. The possible reason for such naming may be the value of all the faces and tens were zero. As it got popular in France, it got the spelling Baccarat.

According to legend, Felix actually created this game on the base of an old Etruscan folklore. The lore tells the story of a virgin. Some say she was a pregnant lady. The lady had to throw an 8 or 9 to get an instant promotion to the post of a priestess. But a value of 6 or 7 would rip her off her roles in the community.

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